Manage cost whilst optimising quality

Healthcare is a complex market with a large body of regulation and multiple very specialised stakeholders with clearly delimited roles.

In times of crisis, however everything changes quickly. Not only requirements and quantities but also stakeholders and environment. And health and safety is becoming ever more important adding significant demand pressure in unprecedented ways.

It remains paramount to understand your real needs before making and executing on plans. Just as important however is to optimise those needs according to available resources and supply – in a transparent way that allows for adaptations  where necessary.

Our expertise and services can help to identify your needs and how you weigh them in order to tailor the best solution to your needs and situation. The product you really need at the best price. Unless….a great price can make you adjust your plans.

Sourcing and Trading

We can serve as reliable intermediary and sourcing partner between producers and customers globally. We make sure quality levels are well understood and certification requirements are met. Volatile times can present opportunities to buy products of varying quality at very competitive prices which we trade – we can help to ensure that quality and necessary certifications are respected.

European Authorized Representation

In the European Union Medical Device suppliers are required to have an official representative to help them comply with relevant regulation.
Authorized representation, even if not mandatory, is also recommended for Personal Protective Equipments and similar sensitive products.
We are happy serve as the Authorized Representation of suppliers and assist them in the EU declaration of conformity, the contracting of Notified Bodies for CE marking and certification, and the legally required tracking of the products delivered on the market as well as their documentation.

Safe Delivery

We set up a reliable and safe supply chain minimizing risks for our customers.
We use established and trusted partners in logistics and are insured to cover financial risks. Whilst we are confident in our offering we understand that working with new products or suppliers inherently represents the risk of the unknown: We offer a test phase approach to gain confidence and security – and adjust the offering if needed.

Resilience in our approach

A sound understanding of the environment and proper planning is the basis for ensuring resilience.

  • Focus on understanding your strategic context
  • Local presence in key markets to ensure the agility needed when circumstances change
  • Multicultural experience to ensure results in a VUCA world based on trust and effective communication
  • Transparency in effort, context and cost to ensure a sustainable and mutually beneficial customer relationship.



Setting up a reliable and safe supply chain minimising risks for our customers


Test and select products + Customs process validation – 2 weeks
• 1 box per selected product
• Express delivery billed at cost by DHL/UPS or equivalent • All documents shall be provided for customs
• Full payment in advance of goods, payment of transport to be defined.



Test of pallet delivery by air - 1 week
• 1 pallet per selected product
• Specific inspections led by SecureHealth (sterilization, packaging, documentation review, boarding phases)
• Air cargo by established cargo company or affiliated

• Payment of goods 50% at PO, 50% at plant exit / Transport requires immediate payment.



Industrial Phase
• PO per pallets (quantities and prices update after phase 2)
• Potential establishment of a running Letter of Credit Irrevocable at Sight for the global amount considered
• Regular audit and visits of plants and inspection when loading
T0=plants receive payment per batch
T+10 days = FOB Shenzen/HK
T+11-15 days = CIF your airport