Be prepared for the worst

We aim at a significant reduction in risks – we bring our expertise as advisory and offer concrete solutions according to your needs – also on very short notice.

We partner with experience professionals who know how to keep safe what needs to be protected and also engage in complex projects bringing the relevant security side into how you run about your business, including the touch that fits with health professionals and their environment.

Security personnel

Be it a large events, sensitive sites such as a hospital, valuable stock or members of your team, customers or patients – we can protect them with highly trained and experienced staff, reliably.
We can organise or facilitate access control with metal detection, distribution of gel and masks or overall safeguarding of facilities at night.

We can provide very fast deployment of personnel in case of emergency (down to 2h notice in France)

Security Solutions

The use of novel technological solutions can not only be more price effective but also lead to better results – sound and complex security measures can now be replicated it in a scalable way.

Not only your premises, staff or stocks need protection – your supply chain also needs to be secured – we audit this for you and offer solutions for ensuring a resilient business.

We Implement your asset tracking and monitoring solutions to track its movements in the hospital.

Advisory in Security and Access Control

We have the expertise and understanding of the best technology available on the market to secure your facilities, identify potential risks of contamination and sanitize new entrants.

We can also train or support your own security services to enforce security measures or prevent medical devices and consumables theft. We can also provide forensics and investigation after relevant thefts.

Resilience in our approach

  • Focus on understanding your strategic context
  • Speed - we can put a team together in a few hours time
  • Transparency in effort, context and cost to ensure a sustainable and mutually beneficial customer relationship
  • Extensive cross-industry expertise coupled with digital thinking