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Protective Disposable Mask KN95 (FFP2 equivalent) by PKA

Protect yourself and those you care for. KN95/FFP2 masks filter more than 95% of particles of at least 3µm and thus the vast majority of viruses fixed to droplets or even aerosols (Covid-19 virus has an average size of 1,2 µm by itself alone already and binds to droplets of bigger size). Even though breathing is a bit more difficult than with a surgical mask it protects much more effectively – a good idea if you spend much time in an environment where social distancing is insufficiently respected or closed rooms in which aerosols could potentially accumulate.

We believe persons at risk of Covid-10 complications and those likely to come in touch with people at risk should protect themselves as much as possible with FFP/KN95 masks. Businesses who do not want to risk being closed down due to quarantine measures are also likely to benefit from a higher protection of their staff from an infection – no matter how high they feel their personal risk from illness is.

The PKa KN95/FFP2 mask is a foldable protective mask is made with high grade melt blown and non-woven fabric, it’s composed of 5 layers for maximum filtration.

It is manufactured by PKa, a recent spinoff of an established manufacturer of Personal Protective Equipment and Medical Devices that shares our vision in building long lasting relationships around the sustainable supply of high quality products. PKa built a  brand new manufacturing site built as the Covid crisis showed significantly more capacity in high-quality PPE was necessary to ensure wide availability of maximum protection against virus, pollution, and comfort also beyond the use of medical professions.
We trust PKa because of their team’s solid experience in this industry, the quality of their production process and their products and are in the process of securing its certification for medical use.
SecureHealth is European Authorized Representative of PKa.

Product Features

  • KN95 and EN149 standards
  • BFE>95% also PFE>95% for maximum protection
  • Super soft foam nose clip for maximum comfort
  • Super soft, flat straps, can be used all day long without ear pain
  • A 3D design which fits perfectly with all types of user faces.
  • Individual packaging for safe use within pack of 10
  • Foldable and easy to carry
  • EN149 COVID certification by BSI - Notified Body 2797
  • GB2626 certification by CNAS
  • European Authorized Representation, import and distribution by SecureHealth