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COVID-19 Antibody Test Kit -various suppliers

– for use by health professionals – distribution only when local regulation permits –
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French pharmacies and hospitals can contact us directly for specific pricing and conditions at

Our Antibody Rapid test devices are an in vitro immunological test.

The purpose of the test is to detect directly and qualitatively SARS-CoV-2 IgG/IgM antibodies from a fresh drop of blood.
The kits are intended for in vitro diagnosis and reserved for use by health professionals accordingly to your national regulations.

Giving accurate results on ongoing and past infection they are ideal companion test with our Antigen Rapid tests

With a sensitivity over 98% and specificity over 99% they have very high accuracy once the virus is incubated.

Our suppliers have certifications for whole Europe (CE marking) and depending on the supplier for North and South America (FDA, ANVISA,…)

Product Features

  • Sensibility over 95% and specificity over 99%
  • Fully certified including for European and Brazilian markets
  • Accurate results after 10 minutes
  • Validity of 12 month with storage from 2°C-30°C
  • Pricing adapted for health professionals on each national market