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Partnership Opportunities

SecureHealth welcomes Reseller & Distribution Partners who share our values in regions where we have no presence yet.

We believe the world becomes safer and individuals more free the more a secure and healthy environment can be made available to as many as possible – reliability  as well as sustainable pricing are an integral part. We cooperate based on trust, respect and mutual understanding as conditions differ widely across the globe. We invest greatly in assessing our partners and venture into a partnership with the sole aim of building a long lasting relationship that is beneficial to both parties in the long run.

We invite partners who appreciate transparency, quality and agility and expect our partners to share our value system, function in a transparent manner and grow alongside with us.

Distribution Partners

Secure Health is looking into making our approach as widely available as possible. We do this by building a digital business model but know from experience that in healthcare it still makes a huge difference to be locally present.

We value having local distribution partners, who will not only deliver with us great products & solutions at a sustainable price, but also be able to offer other critical services or developing additional channels to increase resilience everywhere.

Reseller Partners and Agents

The better everyone is prepared for the unexpected and resilient in difficult times the less societies and the economy suffer as a whole. We invite potential reseller partners or agents who share our vision of a resilient society and see a fit in  developing their business with our select reseller partner program.
We provide them with sales and marketing resources as well as training to make our offering accessible to a wider customer base and thus strengthening the ecosystem we are building for everybody to build resilience.