Who We Are

Our Team


Expertise in Technology, Security, Safety and Health has brought us together to won on the mega trend resilience

  • We worked in technology, healthcare and security
  • We are international with a French Connection, SecureHealth serve customers worldwide
  • We have families with kids, have spent many years in corporate environments and believe taking care of both business and loved ones can be done much better still
  • We found that in this VUCA world we have to start thinking resilience in a holistic way, creating an effective though affordable offering that works reliably
  • We follow strict European and French regulations, SecureHealth is based in Paris

Incorporating during the COVID-19 crisis obviously influenced our activities, it reinforced our conviction that in complex and volatile world there is a need in improving our safety by integrating approaches with a touch of technology.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Our CSR Activities

We think that safety, health shall not be exclusive to those who have the necessary resources.
At our level, even if our company is young, we will try to contribute by helping a few institutions to cope with the COVID crisis. .

Current Activities

PPE and MD Products 70%
COVID-19 Testing Products 10%
Consulting on Regulation and Certification 10%
Representation Services 5%
Security and Safety Services 5%

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