Our Purpose

Your partner in building resilience

SecureHealth is your partner in preparing yourself for what may come with sound plans, processes and the necessary supplies to execute your blueprint for resilience at sustainable cost

– for your company – your team – your community – your family – yourself –

As a multi-cultural team with local presence in Europe Asia, Africa and the Americas , we are able to establish local relations with our suppliers and partners to ensure a sound understanding of your needs and servicing them with advisory and supplies, reliably.

As a European enterprise with French heritage, we commit to high quality according to well understood and transparent specifications.


We build on a sound and long time sourcing experience. For our offered services and products we have strategic tie-ups with Partners in Europe, India, China and Middle-East, who bring in shared complimentary expertise to multiple verticals.

  • China and India presence ensure local control on high quality production capacity
  • Local and internationally reputed partners to guarantee the highest quality and reliability
  • QA Engineers
  • Inspection Services & Factory Audits
  • Product Conformity Assessments


We vetted over 100 suppliers and factories and selected only a few that fit to our quality requirements and we can follow closely. We guarantee to our customers:

  • Comprehensive portfolio from innovative and dynamic suppliers
  • Up-to-date quality and price levels enabled by our cooperation with a leading medical supply platform
  • Verification of certificates and test reports
  • Frequent visits of our selected factories
  • Onsite product checks


We consider supply chain and delivery as a key element of our offering. We focus on facilitating just-in-time-delivery and more speedy order fullfilment

  • We rely on local exporters and forwarders we know personally
  • Each shipment is monitored by our inspectors (pictures & videos)
  • All customs documents are prepared or validated locally
  • Transport and products are insured by Axa

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